Hudson | in-home-newborn session

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Baby Hudson - what a dream you were to photograph!  I met with this beautiful family in there home back in early December (just before the snow dumped on us and the real chill of winter set in) for a maternity session in anticipation of this little boy's arrival.  It was pretty evident then already that little H would have all the love in the world with three older siblings to dote on him!  Oh, and when your clients dad is a Bomber alumni, you just have to include at least one football picture!!

The details are one of my most favourite things to capture!  I find it a challenge getting that sweet spot as this type of macro work is newer for me, but if you scroll down a wee bit, you'll see the sweetest detail shot - I just LOVE those wee baby lashes! The milk buds on his nose just scream brand new babe!

Remember those older siblings I mentioned earlier on?  It was easy to see that everyone is enamoured of their new baby brother!  This home is full to the brim with activity and this is one of the things that I love about being able to do in-home sessions!  You get that tiny glimpse into a family's everyday life - and see how a good team can make everything run like a well oiled machine.  

We finished up the session in the master bedroom - I am quickly falling heading over heels in love with this portion of the session.  It is intimate and allows me to showcase the genuine and raw emotion and love that parents have for their new baby!  It is a sight to behold and I am so blessed to be invited in to capture these moments!

As always, thank-you so much for taking the time to read and check out my work!  Much love to you!

Cooper | In-home-newborn session.

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The journey into this world is always a miraculous one.  One that is the same and yet so very different for all of us.  Little Cooper is no exception.  He is an amazing little fighter who surprised his family by arriving 8 weeks earlier than anticipated.  When I met him, he was technically already almost 2 months old, but according to his estimated due date, should have still been snug in the womb!  Judging from those chubby cheeks and little tummy rolls though - I'd say he's right where he needs to be!  I spent a beautiful morning photographing little Cooper and his family in their home and even got some hugs from sweet big sister before we were finished!

During our session Cooper needed to take five for a snuggle and feed with mom.  I snapped this one while I waited.  I love seeing how a mother's heart and capacity to love is only magnified when another child is added to the family.  I could see her nurturing both of her babies at once, in exactly the way they needed in that moment in time.  It was beautiful.  

While I photographed the details I could here Daddy and daughter playing downstairs.  Now most people whom I work with will tell you - I get a guilty pleasure out of watching Dad's get pee'd on by there newborn (my hubby, while he is a phenomenal father, was never much of a diaper changer).  But what I love the most is when I get to see the relationships dad's have with their babies.  I love hearing father's sing to their older children or play with them while I work with their newborn.  Cooper's father did not disappoint!  He is so dedicated to his little growing family! 

We Wrapped up the session with a few shots of Cooper snuggled into a bowl full of soft basket fluff.   He must have know he had done well, because right after I took the close up of his little fingers, he grinned real big and threw his fist up in the air as if to say "I did it!"  

Thanks for taking the time to read!  I love what I do and I love getting to share it with you even more!

Kambree | In-home newborn session

February 06, 2017  •  3 Comments

Late in December, just a week before Christmas, I met with Mike and Rachel and their beautiful girls for a studio maternity session.  Mike is one of my many many first cousins, and I always love having an excuse to spend time with family, but his wife Rachel and I get along so well I sometimes feel more like she is the one I grew up with!  Rachel and I had planned a beautiful outdoor maternity session, but mother nature had other plans and dumped about 2 feet of snow on us and some sub zero temps the day before our scheduled session date.  So we reluctantly abandoned our visions of flowing maternity gowns amid a sea of snow covered spruce trees and opted for a warmer and drier studio session.  And I am so glad that we did!  Their three beautiful daughters chattered away their excitement and anticipation for their new baby sister and Rachel got to rock a gorgeous fitted maternity gown!  While photographing Mike and Rachel, it was evident in the way he gently put his hand on her growing baby belly, the way he attended to Rachel, and then kept the girls occupied while I worked alone with Rachel, that their new baby already has the love of a phenomenal father! 

Kambree arrived on December 31st, and two weeks later I made the drive out to their farm yard - the same farm where Mike grew up and where his children will now grow, to photograph her newborn session!   We got those sleepy newborn shots and a great visit too!  It was one of those sessions where you enjoy the conversation just as much as the cuddles!

One of my most favourite parts of their session though - were these relaxed shots of the family in the master bedroom.  I feel that so often (especially when our children are little) the heart of the home ends up being the master bedroom.   

Kambree's big sisters are already so in love with her - she will have 3 little mama's taking care of her!  I cannot wait to watch her grow!

Thanks for reading, and Mike and Rachel - thank-you so much for inviting me into your home and for just being such a great example of a loving family!  I am so proud to call you family!

Project 365_week 3

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I know - it's a little late, but better late than never right?!  It was a bit of a whirlwind week for us this week over at the Fox residence.  For those of you who don't know, my little family is obsessed with speed (well - mostly Mr. Fox and the boy).  We spend our entire winter on an ice oval track racing sleds.  It gets us out of the house doing something as a family with a pile of other great family's and I get to watch my husband do some serious dad-ing.  He loves teaching the littles how to pick the perfect line, how to race competitively and respectfully, and best of all - he gets to bond with them in a way that I never could.  This little hobby has turned into a passion for my son as much as it has for my husband and so this weekend we packed up the truck and drove 11 hours to Eagle River Wisconsin to watch the World Championship Ice Oval Races.  I was super stoked about all of the potential photo ops I'd have and packed my gear eagerly anticipating the trip for very different reasons than my husband!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the races... but I LOVE photography... and Wisconsin's North Woods are beautiful!  Unfortunately mother nature had plans for a very wet and soggy weekend, and I did not get a whole lot of opportunity to explore the woods as I'd hoped.  But it was a great weekend spent with the people I love most doing what they love most!  

So without further ado, here's this past weeks line up!

January 15 - Sunday morning breakfast.  I loved how the light was pouring in through the patio doors and lighting up our lazy Sunday morning!

January 16 - last week I got some extension rings for my camera so I could play around a bit with macro without actually having to invest in a macro lens.  I snapped this little number and was struck by how beautiful a newborn pinecone is.  I never realized how much it resembles a rose.  I also love how those needles seem to be wrapping themselves around the little bud in a protective gesture.  I see a whole new world of little things opening up for me and I must say, I am pretty excited!

January 17th - the self portrait.  I hate being on this side of the lens.  There.  I said it.  I am so unnatural on this side.  Anyone remember Chandler Bing from the cast of Friends?  The engagement photos episode?  Um, yeah.... that is me.  But I have vowed to challenge myself in this area this year.  I can't expect it from others if I can't expect it from myself right?  Expect to see me get inside the frame a few more times this year!

January 18th - Ok.  This one here.  This one speaks to me.  Oh the feelings this one invokes - my heart feels like it could burst.  The second I saw this trio huddled together - looking so brave, and desperate at the same time amid a white field of snow, I immediately conjured an image of Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother.  She is fierce amid a desolate and terrifyingly unknown future.  Her insides have been so hollowed from willing herself not to feel.  Her children cling to her and to each other and wait for her reassurance.  They know that if she is okay, then they will be okay too.  She hopes that they will never see her waver.  

What do you see when you look at this one?

January 19th - FREEDOM!!!  Finally the bitter cold snap gave way to WAY above normal temps for January!  My poor pups were going stir crazy and they were more than excited when I uttered those five little words: "Wanna go for a walk?"  

January 20th - First stop on the way to Wisconsin!  We had to hit the waterpark!  The little Bean conquered that bridge and any anxiety's she had left about water on this day - VICTORY!!!

January 21st - Forever my free spirit!

January 22nd - This boy could not get enough!  To say the very least - Dylan was in his element this weekend!  Surrounded by loud and fast machines!  BRAAAAAP!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read and view!  Love you lots!



Wynter | Newborn

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What a perfect way to start off my new year!  I packed up my props and as I always joke "pretty much everything but the kitchen sink", and drove just a few miles out of town to a farm house with a brand new baby girl, and one very proud big brother!  Little Wynter (don't you just LOVE that name) was such a perfect model!  She gave me some great eye contact, fought sleep like a champ, and then dozed off and posed perfectly!  See for yourself!