Tiny Fox Photography | About

Hey there!  My name is Carolyn Fox and I am the artist behind Tiny Fox Photography.  Located in Winnipeg MB, Tiny Fox Photography serves the Interlake and Winnipeg area and specializes in creating beautiful and emotive newborn, maternity and children's photography.

I've always had a deep desire to create.  Some of my earliest memories are of my chubby fingers gripping a crayon and absorbing myself in a colouring book, or molding a brick of plasticine into a divine sculpture which only my mother could distinguish.  I am curious about people and although I come across as a complete extrovert, I am actually more of an ambivert - at the end of the day, what I need more than anything, is a quiet room, a good glass of wine, and time with my own thoughts.  However, that being said, I always want to hear people's stories.  Not necessarily the craziest stories, but more so the everyday stories... the ones that make our day to day existence become a life lived.  I feel there is something sacred in meeting a complete stranger and departing from them feeling that you've made a connection... and gained a piece of their trust that was big enough for them to allow you to photograph them.  There is a vulnerability in that which I have come to appreciate more and more with each session I do.   So the business of photographing others seemed to be the natural path for my creative and curious little brain to follow.  I am driven to continue to learn and to grow in my work and in my relationships with my clients.  I hope that is reflected in my portfolio.  

So glad you stopped by, please come visit anytime - I'm always adding new work!