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October 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

I love fall family photo season!  The light, the air, the colour... it is all so beautiful!  And maybe it's the romantic in me or maybe it's just my sheer sense of optimism, but every time I book a fall family session, I have this vision of beautifully lit clear skies dotted with golden reds and yellows creating a kaleidoscopic backdrop that will render every image a complete masterpiece.  Sometimes mother nature complies, sometimes mother nature has other ideas.  Sometimes we just have to roll with it!  

I watched the skies all day leading up to the Dodd family session and although it was looking a little sombre, I wasn't overly concerned.  As long as we didn't get rain. ... And then, just as we were pulling into our location, that's exactly what happened.  The rains came.  Just a nice drizzle.  The kind that reminds you that summer is over and autumn is upon us and to be thankful that it's not snow ...yet.  We weighed our options, oohed and ahhed over the girls outfits, and lamented over the time spent on their hair and then took the plunge!  We were fortunate to have some large trees to act as a giant umbrella and keep the bulk of the rain off of us.  We didn't sing, and we didn't even dance, but I'm pretty sure we all still had a great time.  And in the end, mom and dad have beautiful memories of their family spending an hour together in the rain, and a new story tell!


Looks pretty amazing for a rainy day! Great new memories captured!
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