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Callewaert | Family

November 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Oh Callewaert family - you make my job too easy.  You know you've got it good when the most difficult part of the session is combatting the fatigue brought on by a late (and I mean LATE) night of visiting, coupled with an 8:30am session!  We do it to ourselves every year - you'd think we'd learn!  But we just can't help ourselves.  

Probably one of my dearest friends, Steph and I spent our high school years together, and she is like family to me - as is the rest of her family.  So every year we plan an overnight get together - we usually enjoy too much wine (or apple cider), and spend an evening catching up and making new memories.  And every year we wake up bright and early (because our early rising children remind us that we're no longer in high school) and we head out for family photos.  It's become somewhat of a tradition, and I hope that it is one that continues for years to come... except maybe next year we'll be smarter and do the photo session BEFORE the late night shenanigans!

Have a scroll through some of my fave's from the session - you'd never guess we might've missed our beauty rest!  ;-)


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