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Campbell Family

November 02, 2015  •  3 Comments

I met up with the Campbell family bright and early for a fall family session and let me just say - for 8:00am this was definitely a smiley bunch!  I've known Cathy Campbell for a number of years as she used to run the cafeteria in the high school where I worked.  Let me just say - Ukranian cuisine at its finest!  You've not tasted borscht until you've had Cathy's borscht!  This family actually reminds me a little of the Duck Dynasty family.  Not so much in looks, but more so in family values.  It was evident working with them that they are a close family who will always have each others backs.  And - it's pretty much a guarantee there will always be great food at the their family dinners!


Cheryl Wall(non-registered)
Love all these photos. I agree with Barbara about maybe getting some for Christmas cards. Love being able to look at pictures through the years. Very nice!
Tiny Fox Photography
Barbara C Clark - thanks for commenting! And I LOVE that you save the cards in album - Photos always look so much better when you can touch and feel them as opposed to just staying on a computer screen (or worse still - a USB or disc)!
Barbara C Clark(non-registered)
Hope one of these big group shots will be on my Christmas card this year. I always look forward to getting the latest photo and they are saved in albums for posterity. Kathy will explain who I am - it's all old-school for me.
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