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Chelsea & Kevin | Maternity

September 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A few of my favourite things:  Baby bumps, and big Manitoba skies!  Put them together and what do you got?  A little slice of heaven!  I can sometimes get a little overzealous when I see amazing compositions coming together - you should've seen my reaction to the that glowing sunset - I'm sure Chelsea and Kevin thought I was completely coo-coo-kachoo!  (See, our session had already ended and I was just about to leave when I saw that big glowing pink sky and I dragged them back out for more photos! But oh-so worth it!)

Every time I do a maternity session with first time parents it takes me back to when I was busy growing my first tiny human on the inside.  All of those feelings:  the love, the fear, the excitement, and the overwhelming feeling like you are going to burst with emotion come flooding back to me.  I love listening to pregnancy stories and I am often reminded what a journey it can be for couples.  Babies are truly such miracles.  Listening to Chelsea and Kevin talk about the much anticipated arrival of their little one, and the plans they had already begun to make in preparation for him/her, I couldn't help but smile!  I know that this little one will have an amazing and adventurous life in the country - with a whole lot of family who already love them more than they can possibly know!


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