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Rose | Newborn

September 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

 I love newborn sessions.  I photograph about 99% of my newborns in home.  This sometimes makes for some interesting temporary furniture arrangements and most people are surprised to find that their home can become a photography studio in a matter of minutes, but in the end I always hear the same thing:  "It's so nice that you are able to come to us."  Yes, I might turn their living rooms upside down for a few hours, but in the end my client is in their comfort zone, their new babe is getting their moment in the spotlight, and the space under their couch will now not require vacuuming again for a few months!

I came to visit Rose at 8 days new and oh my, what a tiny little beautiful squish she was!  As I was setting up, mom handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and basically said: "Here, you have creative license - let's incorporate some roses into Rose's session!"  I of course was absolutely delighted to oblige!  Rose was so patient with me while I set up her custom 'rose-bouquet' backdrop.  She modelled like an absolute superstar and slept through the bulk of our session!  Made my job as cushy as 'bed of roses'! -(sorry, I couldn't resist!)  



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