Tiny Fox Photography | project 365_week 1 Happy New Year!!

project 365_week 1 Happy New Year!!

January 08, 2017  •  5 Comments

The dog days of winter... is there such a thing?  Well if there is, then that's where we were this past week.  With the holidays technically over but the kids still off from school for one more week, we spent our days lounging around the house.  We played board games, I got stomped at UNO and Skip-Bo by my 7-year-old, went sledding on a day in which no one in their right mind would venture out (this mom didn't take into account the windchill), I discovered the maniacal terror known as Furbie and watched far too much Netflix.  Sounds pretty mundane but it was glorious!  It was both soothing and rejuvenating to be able to spend a week just enjoying my littles again.  As we all know - the days may seem long but the years are short.  

Now I am not one for resolutions.  Wait, let me rephrase that - I am not one for 'NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS'.  I think everyday is a great day to start something new, or stop something toxic.  To break an old habit, or to make some new ones.   But every January I take some time to reflect on the past year in life and in business.  What worked and what didn't.  Which ideas I thought were good at the time but now I see were just complete craziness.  And this year - because I didn't have enough craziness in my life in 2016, I've decided to add a 365 project to my list of things to do (I'm afraid this may be the 'complete craziness' I was referring to earlier).  The goal is to take one image everyday that either documents my family's life, or pushes me creatively.  I already know there will be varying degrees of dedication with this project depending on my work schedule... but my goal is to make it to December 31 with an image a day.  So here goes week one!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Day 1 - The Holiday Aftermath.  Here is what post Christmas playtime looks like at the Fox residence.  For anyone who has ever felt claustrophobic in their own home because of a mass gift giving - I feel your pain.... Is it time to purge yet?

Day 2 - My little bean.  Caught her 'photoshopping', and snapped this picture. Looking at it more closely I see for the first time ever that she might bear some slight resemblance to her mother. I can see just a tiny little sliver of my childhood self looking back at me. I've looked at her in awe a million times and thought - "My goodness, that child is so incredibly unique and so many things that I am not - how is it that I could grow such a wonder within me?" Raising her has been both a blessing and a challenge (ask anyone who knows her)! But in these quiet moments I know I would never have it any other way.

Day 3 - This cat endures so much from this child! Anybody remember Elmira from Loony Toons? "I will love you, and hug you, and squeeze you, and cuddle you, and you will be mine forever and ever!!"

Day 4 - My Beaner made supper tonight.  Our pup Kash decided to she would need to supervise the meal prep!

Day 5 - I snapped this shot of my beautiful boy just before the sun came up.  Looking at this shot you'd never guess that a minute before he was acting like a crazy hooligan!  In all seriousness though - this boy blesses me beyond measure.  His heart is so big and his spirit is so genuine and warm - no one could never feel alone with him around.

Day 6 - I have always enjoyed reading to my littles but I gotta say - I absolutely love love LOVE seeing them read to each other!  More time for me to take pictures!  ;-)

Day 7 - And after a busy first week... and me admittedly forgetting to take my camera out on our trail ride, what better way to cap things off, than with a slumber party with about 25 of your best friends!  G'night all!

And so ends week one!  ...1 down, only 51 weeks to go.... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Thanks for reading!


Dorothy Farmer(non-registered)
What a fantastic idea! I always look forward to your next photography creations!! Your photos are just amazing!
I love that you are taking this on! Even amongst the craziness, you are going to have some spectacular memories for your babies at the end of the year! See you December 31st!
You absolutely can and I am looking forward to each of the next 51 weeks! You make my day!
Tiny Fox Photography
Thanks Shelly! <3
Shelly Heinrichs(non-registered)
I always admire your work! You have such beautiful subjects <3 and yes YOU can and will!
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