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Project 365_week 2 look for the light

January 15, 2017  •  3 Comments

Week 2... I still can't quite call it a habit, but it's definitely something that spends a little time on the brain - sometimes in panic "OH MY WORLD - it's getting late and I still haven't done my daily pic - what am I gonna do???!!!"  and often when I go to bed but my brain decides to stay awake a little longer... "hmmm what will I create tomorrow.... did I remember to prep coffee for tomorrow?  ...PB&J or alphagetti's - what can I pack for the kids lunch?  ...Oh don't forget to read hydro... the kids need skates for school... among about a million other things.  

This week I had natural light on the brain... Being mid January in Manitoba (the cold weather capital of the world - seriously we rank among the top 5 coldest places on the planet) we have reached that stage of winter where I'm totally over 'getting out and enjoying the weather'.  We all spend more time indoors than we'd like to and crave that vitamin D.  Our days are short, and our evenings are long.  So I have been paying attention to the light that comes in and how it changes throughout the day.  

January 8

Anyone who has visited the Fox residence knows - there is not a whole lot of natural light in our home.  But I love our patio doors (they open up to a covered patio so they still don't let in a whole pile of extra light)- But they let in just enough to create a little magic.  I love the fluidity and movement here.  Coincidentally she had just had about 3 inches cut off of her lovely locks because it was revealed to me that she had been chewing - yes CHEWING, on her hair.

January 9

I am no green thumb, but my inlaws are.  This little bloom is so fragrant I can close my eyes and feel like I'm a world away from the bitter cold.  These stamen with their pollen covered anthers reminded me of a hundred tiny angels - reaching up towards the heavens.

January 10

Ice bubbles - mother nature gets another chance to remind me why even in the midst of all the horrid frigidness that is January, she is beautiful.  Oh so beautiful.

January 11

when your little one says she wants to be queen Elsa from Frozen, you oblige her... except you put your own twist on it and then let her know exactly why she is so much more special than Elsa.  

January 12

Wind chill day!  -45 and blizzard conditions created the perfect storm for my boy today.  Of course by noon the sun was blasting through the window creating this light show while D took in some reading.

January 13

Today is our second wind chill day this week.  You know what this means?  -45 degrees celsius at least.  It is cold!  So cold that when I stepped out to grab this shot of the setting sun and her sundogs, my breath stung in my chest and my eyes teared.  That tree in the bottom right of the frame keeps sucking in my attention. It's strength and rootedness despite the extreme conditions inspire me.  It might be lonely, but it is oh so fierce.

Thanks for reading!  Hope you liked week two!!  Can't wait to see what week 3 holds!!  


Beautiful compilation of images Carolyn. My favourite of course is the sun dog shot. I have seen them and have wanted to photograph them but yet have not had the time so for now I will live vicariously through your stunning creations. I love how you are finding the light even in the harsh, dark cold that has been settling in as of late. <3
Carolyn, there is so much beauty in your life! Thank you for sharing it!
Carol, you amaze me. Such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your heart in them.
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