Tiny Fox Photography | Cooper | In-home-newborn session.

Cooper | In-home-newborn session.

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The journey into this world is always a miraculous one.  One that is the same and yet so very different for all of us.  Little Cooper is no exception.  He is an amazing little fighter who surprised his family by arriving 8 weeks earlier than anticipated.  When I met him, he was technically already almost 2 months old, but according to his estimated due date, should have still been snug in the womb!  Judging from those chubby cheeks and little tummy rolls though - I'd say he's right where he needs to be!  I spent a beautiful morning photographing little Cooper and his family in their home and even got some hugs from sweet big sister before we were finished!

During our session Cooper needed to take five for a snuggle and feed with mom.  I snapped this one while I waited.  I love seeing how a mother's heart and capacity to love is only magnified when another child is added to the family.  I could see her nurturing both of her babies at once, in exactly the way they needed in that moment in time.  It was beautiful.  

While I photographed the details I could here Daddy and daughter playing downstairs.  Now most people whom I work with will tell you - I get a guilty pleasure out of watching Dad's get pee'd on by there newborn (my hubby, while he is a phenomenal father, was never much of a diaper changer).  But what I love the most is when I get to see the relationships dad's have with their babies.  I love hearing father's sing to their older children or play with them while I work with their newborn.  Cooper's father did not disappoint!  He is so dedicated to his little growing family! 

We Wrapped up the session with a few shots of Cooper snuggled into a bowl full of soft basket fluff.   He must have know he had done well, because right after I took the close up of his little fingers, he grinned real big and threw his fist up in the air as if to say "I did it!"  

Thanks for taking the time to read!  I love what I do and I love getting to share it with you even more!


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